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Caution is necessary if you intend to replace your ECM with a new one or a used one. You should source it from a reliable manufacturer or dealer. A qualified engineer who will not make silly mistakes that may cause any failures should do its installation. In addition, in Cummins ECM failure, a talented engineer should check and repair it. You are buying a ECM Connector Wire 3822919 (6" Long Wire w/Contact Terminal) For All Cummins L10.. $10.00 . Add to Cart. HDP Remanufactured Cummins Celect or CelectPlus ECM Add to Cart. HDP Remanufactured <b>Cummins</b> Celect or CelectPlus <b>ECM</b> Outright (Price includes $600 Core Charge) Available Part Numbers 3084473.

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